Thursday, 14 January 2010

Everything's new. but still the same.

So it seem atleast.

Writemarycat's back with Eternity Magazine, Fakeshake3's presentation is the same as it where when I left, UndaMyUmbrellla' still here (I think? Or did someone take over her account?), Perez' back (their writing isn't that good though, the blog has lost some of it's quality.) And the gossip is down to earth low. It seems that the only thing that's changed is BeverlyHillsHei's presentation.

So tell me dear readers, what's the point of me being here when there's nothing to bitch about?

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

have you ever spilled your guts?

Well, The A-list returning didn't go as well as planned. The stomacflu came and bit me, so I've basically been dead meet since my last post, truly sorry about that.

However, I've decided to run TAL alone this time. I sorta guess that would be best, even though I would not mind some header help and update in the dirty gossip that's been going on.

One thing I wanna say though, is WOW:
I've always loved eternity, but this seriously takes the cake.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

back bitches

So, after a long break from this silly virtual doll world of ours, will you welcome me back?

I notice that a lot of things have been happening.. Like Eternity magazine returning, feuds and so on. I'm in a bad mood, and you better not do anything to piss me of. All previous posts are deleted, and a new A-list will be announced when I catch up with all the good stuff that's been going on. Wanna tell me the juicy stories? Feel free to dollmail me on ThaAlist.

Start making your mark girls and boys, this is gonna be good.