Thursday, 14 January 2010

Everything's new. but still the same.

So it seem atleast.

Writemarycat's back with Eternity Magazine, Fakeshake3's presentation is the same as it where when I left, UndaMyUmbrellla' still here (I think? Or did someone take over her account?), Perez' back (their writing isn't that good though, the blog has lost some of it's quality.) And the gossip is down to earth low. It seems that the only thing that's changed is BeverlyHillsHei's presentation.

So tell me dear readers, what's the point of me being here when there's nothing to bitch about?


  1. Haha. You could always create a new a-list. And not go for the "obvious" famous people :)

  2. Why not go for something new? There's nothing to bitch about for a reason... Be creative, there are tons of ways to express yourself on Stardoll, and barely half of them have been explored :)

  3. Well apperantly you want gossip. Make an A-List, insult or complienment the people on it. Then make a B-List. Or a F-List. Leave random comments, and wait for replys. Get a spy to the the secret info. Hope that helps.

    P.S.- I am ny_cutie on stardoll

  4. Make an F-list. Be a bitch. it always creates some drama.

  5. if there's no gossip, start some yourself. being a bitch is alwys fun, i would know ;)